Kawa Panga

Chief Yves Kawa Panga Mandro was born August 20 1973 as heir to the Nwagi Dynasty ruling the Mandro District east of Bunia, Eastern Congo since the 17th century. Chief Kawa Panga is the leader of the militia ‘Parti pour l'Unité et la Sauvegarde de l'Intégrité du Congo (PUSIC) and he is one of the warlords involved in the Bunia Massacre on May 27, 2003. On April 9, 2005 the local judicial Congolese authorities and the MONUC, the UN Forces in Congo, arrested Chief Kawa on charge of trafficking arms and violating the UN Arms Embargo. He has been sentenced to twenty years.

Brian Wood

Brian Wood is one of the most prominent researchres on arms brokering and arms trafficking in the world. As senior researcher for Amnesty International UK he is based in London.

Raphael Katabarwa

Raphael NZUMAKI KATABARWA was born in Bogoro, on August 27 1951. He is one of the victims of the Bunia Massacre, where he lost his second wife. Raphael is a pedagogue and father of thirteen children, of which are six daughters and seven sons.

Arthur van Oest

Arthur van Oest is the impersonation of the paradox ‘violence as entertainment’. On the one hand he is a special effects contributor at many feature films productions, on the other hand he extracts his weapons from a circuit of sometimes shady weapon dealers. Of a friendly nature, Arthur is always prepared to tell stories of his many adventures and experiences on film-sets. However, the origin and history of his weapons collection is something he does not disclose easily.

Christian Jennings

Christian Jennings started with a brief military career as a paratrooper in the French Foreign Legion and in the British Territorial Army. For the last ten years, Jennings has been a foreign correspondent covering military interventions, Special Forces operations and world conflicts for twelve years in thirteen different countries. From 1999-2003 he was based in Kosovo and the Balkans and from 1994-1998 in Central Africa, where he reported on genocide, civil war and humanitarian disasters from Rwanda, Burundi and Democratic Congo. Currently, Christian Jennings works and lives in Sarajevo.

Jim Sullivan

L. James Sullivan is an American, dedicating his life to designing and perfecting the designs of firearms and ammunition. He has been doing this for 48 years with over 200 patents on his name in 22 countries. Despite his old age he is still very active in his profession. Sullivan worked for years at Colt, the weapons factory that gratefully used his genius designs such as the Singapore Ultimax 100 machine gun, the Ruger Mini 14 gun, the AT22 and AR-7 .22 caliber pistol and the C-MAG 100-shot. However, James Sullivan is mostly famous for his co-designership of the M-16 together with Eugene Stoner. This assault rifle was developed in the 50s on Stoner’s own initiative. Till 1962 an early type of this weapon was fabricated in The Netherlands under the name AR-10. The M-16 has become famous during the Vietnam war and even now, after this war has long been over, the M16 is still widely found in former war torn countries Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

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