A Dangerous Trade

DEALING AND WHEELING IN SMALL ARMS is a political documentary on the uncontrolled widespread of small arms, which rule and ruin the lives of a growing number of people in developing countries.


Through the eyes of different experts whose lives depend on small arms, the film shows the causes and impact of the trade—both legal, 'grey' and illegal—in small arms and its ammunitions, in particular in regions where the European Union and the United Nations are active, such as former Yugoslavia and Congo. Especially interesting for the western audience, the film shows how brokers—often under some 'organized' legal cover—buy weapons collected by the EU and NATO during their mission in Bosnia. These brokers transfer the weapons directly to African battlefields where they continue their killing lifespan unhindered.


Shot on location in Cambodia, Eastern Congo, Uganda, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Germany, the United States and The Netherlands, DEALING AND WHEELING IN SMALL ARMS opens up our consciousness to a global reality rarely shown to the general public.



Review Boxoffice.com - January 24th, 2009

Review in the New York Times - January 21st, 2009


Dealing and Wheeling on DVD

The DVD of DEALING AND WHEELING IN SMALL ARMS is available now. It contains a 90 minute version and a 53 minute version of the documentary, with a choice of subtitles in English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch and Serbi Croation.


The DVD costs 17,95 Euro. For orders outside the Netherlands, please add 3,50 euro for shipping and handling.


To order the DVD, send and e-mail to dvd@dealingandwheeling.com.


Dealing and Wheeling on other Formats

DEALING AND WHEELING IN SMALL ARMS is also available in the following formats: 35 mm film, Digibeta & Betacam SP, and DV Cam.


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